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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common complaints doctors have about medical school is the lack of classes on fair hiring, business management and insurance claim collections. Lower and lower profits per patient make it harder than ever for doctors to run profitable practices.

1. Why should I outsource my billing?

Outsourcing your billing benefits you in many ways. The most important reason is increased revenue. Our entire focus is on billing and collections. We can dedicate 100% of our time and energy on collecting from the insurances and patients. Utilizing a billing service will free your staff up to concentrate on patient care and the daily work of running your office. We handle the hassle of getting the insurance companies to pay, explaining in detail to patients any billing issues, and patient collections. There is also the decrease in overhead, less employees in the office, no payroll, taxes or benefits needed for the billers you would have in house.

2. How do you charge for your services?

We charge a % of what we collect on your behalf. We don’t get paid till you do and we are highly motivated to collect every dollar you are entitled to. The % amount varies between 6-9% and is determined by your specialty, your volumes and the extent of our services you use.

3. What size practices does AMB serve?

We service any size practice, from start-ups to very large multi-practitioner and multi specialty operations.

4. What geographic areas do you service?

We are a national billing service with clients in most states.

5. Why would I hire a billing company that is out of state?

Because you want to hire the organization that can best service your billing needs. With the standardization in formats for electronic submission of claims and remittances and with the ease and security that data and documents can be electronically transported, it really makes no difference where your provider is physically located. This enables you to select from a much bigger pool of billing service firms and not limit you to a small group within geographic proximity. You can select the best billing service no matter where your practice is located.

6. When I call will I speak with a real person?

Absolutely, every time!

7. What software do you use?

Our on-line software is Kareo, a powerful web based practice management system that requires standard high-speed web access to have real time 24/7 connectivity.

8. What types of reports do you provide?

We provide you with an extraordinary amount of data that is available to you at your fingertips. Our informative dashboards provide snapshots of key performance indicators in graphic format. We provide numerous reports compiled on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. If our standard reports don’t give you everything you need, we can customize reports to fit your practice. You can easily generate, print and even export reports at any time.

9. Do you provide a Patient Scheduling system?

Yes, our appointment scheduler is an integrated component of our billing service. Appointments can easily be made with just a few clicks. You can receive patient co-pays and even print them a receipt.

10. Are you set-up to send patient statements?


11. Who do my patients go to with billing questions?

We manage all aspects of patient billing on your behalf, which includes providing a toll free patient help desk to answer questions and help them with claims issues. You can focus on treating your patients and remove yourself from billing and collecting from them.

12. When are claims submitted for payment?

Most are submitted same day or within 24 hours after receipt, but may take longer if we are missing information or need clarification on a particular claim.

13. What do I do with my existing billing and outstanding receivables?

We can assume your receivables as of any date. We must perform an analysis of your receivables to determine how your data will be transferred to our systems and our fees.

14. I have claims that are over 90 days past due that are probably uncollectable. Is there anything you can do at this point?

Before you give up on aged receivables, give us an opportunity to analyze them and determine how much, if any, can still be recovered. If there is any money that can be collected, our revenue recovery unit has the knowledge and ability to recover lost funds on your behalf.

15. How do we get our claims data to your company for processing?

We have many options. You can input your charge and remittance information yourself with our on-line Practice Manager. Or if you prefer us to input all your data you can use our secure e- Doc Portal to conveniently transport claims and remittance documents. And of course we accommodate more conventional methods like email, fax, postal service or courier

16. Do you provide support with Medical coding?

Yes, you can ask our Certified Medical Coding specialists coding and patient documentation questions any time. We can also set you up for code reviews and advise before claims submission. And we can even code for you from your documentation.

17. Do you review claims before submission to help insure they are clean?

Yes. Our Billing Specialists compile and review the charge data and all claims are “scrubbed” by our systems for errors. If we find problems you are contacted and they are corrected before submission. This process helps insure “clean claims” which greatly increases initial submission payments and significantly reduces claims rejection, which of course, improves your cash flow!

18. Do you submit electronic claims to all insurance companies?

All claims are submitted electronically via clearinghouse unless there is a problem with a claim or payer, in which case a paper claim will be generated and mailed.

19. How does AMB handle denials and rejected claims?

Too often a perfectly clean claim will be denied, short paid or not even acknowledged. Reclaiming denied charges from insurance companies is a difficult process that most practices are not equipped to deal with. Our certified Billing Specialists understand the appeals process and follow-up protocols to get you paid. Since we do not get paid until you do, you can rest assured that every legitimate claim that gets denied will be actively pursued until proper closure.

20. Is my data secured?

Your data is stored off-site in a secure HIPAA compliant data center with redundant systems. Your data is backed -up regularly and is available for you to view on-line 24X7 or in a printed format.

21. What happens to the documents I send to your facility?

All documents are imaged and stored in a secure HIPPA compliant environment and are available to you upon request.

22. What happens to my business if your business suffers a major disaster like a flood or fire?

That is an excellent question that most practices do not even consider when selecting a billing service. We have a certified disaster recovery program that includes off-site storage of your data and documents, systems recovery and redundancy, multiple facilities and the ability to re-route phone and email communication within hours. If we experience a major disaster we can recover quickly so your practice will not suffer a cash flow disaster.

23. Do you outsource any of your functions use any off-shore personnel or resources?


24. Will I have to give over total control of billing and capital?

Payments are sent to your practice or to a lockbox so you maintain control of your cash. We customize our service to your needs so you determine how much control and responsibility of your billing function you want to retain or turnover to us. Additionally, you have on-line access to all your data so you can view and track everything we do, so you remain in control!

25. Is AMB HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We have a compliance officer on staff that monitors our systems and services are HIPAA compliant.

26. How do I get started with your company?

Easy, give us a call 888-545-2510 and ask to speak to one of our billing consultants or email your contact information to and we will get back to you asap.