You take care of patients, we take care of you.

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Practice Manager, Patient Scheduler
Our on-line Practice Management System simplifies your workflow– from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the tedious billing and remittance tasks following every patient visit. You have complete and total access to all of your billing information, at any time and from anywhere you want.

Medical Coding
Do you have the medical billing expertise on staff to insure that all treatments and procedures are being coded correctly? If not, it could be costing you revenue losses from under coding and denied claims. We can help! Our Certified Medical Billers will review your codes and advise before submitting your insurance claims or code from your documentation.

Patient Billing Help Desk
We completely remove you from having to deal with patient billing and collections to allow you to focus on patient care. We send statements and follow-up letters and provide a toll free help desk to answer their questions and help them with claims issues. And of course, we follow your rules on resolving unpaid patient claims.

Insurance Verification
Instantly determine on-line in real time insurance eligibility. Quickly view detailed insurance deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance status when you are scheduling the patient appointment.

Credentialing is a maze of red tape, very time consuming and can be overwhelming if you are not experienced with the process. And if not done properly, can cause your practice financial loss. Shift this time consuming burden to our experts and use that time savings on patient care.

Reports, Reports & More Reports
All your data and reports are available to you on-line 24X7. We provide you with an extraordinary amount of information including daily, weekly and monthly reports. Informative dashboards highlight key performance indicators to keep you informed and in control of your billing function.
Revenue Recovery
Is your aged receivables getting out of hand or totally out of control? Are you looking at a big write- off because you feel they are uncollectable? Before you give up, give us an opportunity to analyze your receivables and determine how much, if any, can still be recovered. If there is money that can be collected, we have the knowledge and ability to do so.
Consulting Services
We offer coding and billing audits which includes an assessment of your coding and patient treatment documentation and suggestions on how to improve your billing and collections process.
Data/Document Security
All of your billing data and every document that is sent to our billing center is digitized and stored off-site in a secure HIPAA compliant environment and readily available to you upon request.
Disaster Recovery
Ask your billing vendor this very important question; “What happens to my cash flow if your facility burns down”? If they are not totally prepared to recover within a few days, you will suffer a cash flow disaster! With ACOM you have the peace of mind knowing that we have a certified disaster recovery program that is constantly monitored and managed. Ask us about our program, we would be happy to share the details with you.