You take care of patients, we take care of you.

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1. On-Boarding
This is where it all starts. The process includes; analysis of your current billing practice by a CPC, clearinghouse set-up, credentialing, set-up for EFT & ERA’s, establish lock box, entering patient & provider information into our PM system & providing training on its use. Establish rules; how & when your billing info will be transported to us, procedures for write-offs, who in your office has access to reports & data, when delinquent accounts are sent to collections, how we bill, communicate and collect from you patients etc.
2. Patient Scheduling
Our appointment scheduler is an integrated component of ACOM’s complete Billing Service. Appointments can easily be made with only a few clicks.
3. Charge Capture Data/Doc Transfer
With our on-line Practice Manager your staff can easily enter charge and reimbursements data as well as patient demographics. If you prefer that we enter all of your data you can use our secure e-Document Portal to conveniently transport claims and remittance documents. And, of course, we accommodate more conventional methods like; fax, email, mail or courier. Whatever works best for you works for us!
4. Claims Generation
Our billing specialists compile and review the charge data provided by the practice. All claims are “scrubbed” for errors. If we find errors you will be contacted and they will be corrected. This process helps insure that claims are “clean” when submitted for payment which greatly increases initial submission payments and significantly reduces claims rejections, which of course, significantly improves your cash flow! As a follow up we also do post EOB audits to ensure correct claim processing from the insurance carrier.
5. E- Claims Submission
After your claims have been scrubbed, ACOM transmits “clean” claims for reimbursement. All claims are transmitted electronically, unless for some reason there is a problem with electronic submission, in which case a paper claim will be generated and mailed. After submission, additional edits are performed at the clearinghouse and payer levels, which, if there are any problems, are relayed back to ACOM for review and possible further action to insure your claims are submitted quickly as possible.
6. Payment Posting
Insurance payments are received via paper or electronic remittance advice (ERA). Payments can be received at your practice or through our lock box. Once received, payments are reviewed, compared against fee schedules and balanced. ACOM reimbursement specialists review, post, correct and re-process or appeal any denials or short pays.
7. Secondary Claims
Patients often carry a second insurance, which significantly complicates the billing process. After a claim has been paid by the primary insurer, the balance from the claim must be submitted to the secondary payer, and often times, the patient after that. Even on a perfectly clean claim, it can take multiple claims or patient bills to get you fully paid. Not to worry, ACOM takes care of all this without any disruption to your practice.
8. Patient Billing
You want to focus your time and effort on treating your patients, not billing and collecting overdue balances from them, which is why you have us bill your patients and answer their questions. We understand that your patients are to you, what our clients are to us, so we treat them accordingly. Our follow up process encourages a patient to work with us on billing issues. You set the rules on how you want us to work with your patients to resolve unpaid claims and when and if an account should go to collections.
9. Checks & Balances
Throughout the billing/collections process ACOM incorporates an advanced system of checks and balances that helps ensure that every patient treated gets billed, all procedures are accounted for and that every outstanding claim is balanced to the dollar. One example of our audit process is that we compare the patient appointment schedule or your patient sign in sheet each day against claims generated that day. Discrepancies are immediately addressed to insure that every patient is billed.
10. Denial Management
Too often a perfectly clean claim will be denied, short paid or not even acknowledged. Reclaiming denied funds from insurance payers is a difficult process that most practices are not equipped to deal with, which is why most practices “leave lots of money on the table”. Not if you’re with ACOM! Our certified Billing Specialists know the game insurance payer’s play and understand the appeals process and follow-up protocols to get you paid. After all, that is what you pay us for. Since we do not get paid until you do, you can rest assured that every legitimate claim or procedure that gets denied will be actively pursued until proper closure.
11. Transparency & Reporting
We provide you an extraordinary amount of data that is available to you on-line 24×7 or on your client server data base. With this information at your fingertips you remain in control of your billing function. Our informative dashboards provide snapshots of key performance indicators in graphic format. Need more detail? No problem! We provide hundreds of daily, weekly and monthly reports that shows you where your money is. And of course, if our standard reports don’t give you everything you need, we will be happy to customize reports to fit your practice.
12. Your Peace of Mind
ACOM is a stable company that’s been in operation for over 25 years with thousands of customers nationwide. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and a high credit rating with D&B. We have a large, tenured staff that includes certified medical coders and certified medical billers. You can rest assured that your billing will be handled correctly and effectively. We have a certified disaster recovery program that will enables us to recover from a major disaster (like a flood, fire or tornado) so you won’t suffer a cash flow disaster should that happen. No need to worry about your data and records; all your records are digitized and stored off-site in a safe and secure environment and are available to you upon request. We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that you can take care of your patients, while we take care of you!