You take care of patients, we take care of you.

Here is what some of our clients have to say about their experience with ACOM Medical Billing.

James C. – another satisfied Contract Medical Billing client”All I have to say is that my income rose by 50% in less than a year!”
– Dr. James Cerneka, MD

Devin G. – another satisfied Contract Medical Billing client”The staff at AMB is efficient and very helpful. They never give up on a claim and work it for every dollar they can get. They are the best billers I have ever had.”
– Dr. Devin Gray, MD

Tina B. – another satisfied Contract Medical Billing client”The staff at AMB is great! They are professional, courteous and always willing to help solve problems or answer questions. They are prompt and accurate and give me the freedom I need to run the clinical aspect of my practice without having to worry about the paperwork.”
– Tina Bauler, RNFA

Rosa V. – another satisfied CMB client”My billing office is really crazy; but they make me feel so good. I am happy with them.”
– Rosa Verduzco, CSA

Gowenn – another satisfied CMB client”First class service! They are hardworking and always available.”
– Dr. Gowen Nirmul, MD

Delia B. – another satisfied CMB client”I have found that the staff at AMB is very efficient, professional and thorough. They are by far the best billing service I have had.”
– Delia Bautista – Tobin, CRNFA

Betsy Smith – another satisfied CMB client”I have found AMB to be efficient, accurate, and trustworthy. Having confidence in my biller takes a huge weight off my shoulders. In addition, they are polite and friendly. Trustworthy AND polite…a winning combination. AMB is the world’s most perfect billing company. They not only file fast and accurately, but they doggedly go after payment with appeals and phone calls.”
– Betsy Smith, RNFA

Dale M. – another satisfied client”AMB keeps me organized. They have increased my income and the volume of my practice. I would be lost without them.”
– Dale Masi, CFA