You take care of patients, we take care of you.

The answer is simple: Service, Simplicity, Systems, and Stability
Service: Everybody talks about service, but few really deliver, and of course, you know that. So instead of hearing about it from us, let our customer’s tell you about our “over the top” service. We would be happy to give you as many references as you have the time to talk to. And when you talk to them, ask about how easy it is to get us on the phone, which is becoming less and less common in the age of automated customer service. And make sure you ask about how we pro-actively reach out just to see how we are doing and if they have any problems, questions or issue they want to discuss. And, if you have the time, ask them about our mini surveys we send out each quarter to find out just how satisfied they are and how we can improve our service. And of course, great service cannot be provided without experienced, knowledgeable staff. We are billing experts with a large, tenured staff that includes CPC certified medical coders and CMRS certified medical billers that support the billing needs of most medical specialties.
Simplicity: Simplicity is one of the keys to customer satisfaction, which is why we focus on simplifying the billing process for your practice. Working with us is easy because we customize our processes to accommodate your office workflow. As part of our on-boarding process we discuss your priorities and your rules of engagement, analyze your current billing and coding practices and make recommendations on the easiest, most efficient and effective way to utilize our service, while seamlessly blending into your operations. Whether you are a high-tech or no- tech practice or anywhere in between, we make it easy for you to partner with us. If you have knowledgeable billing and coding staff and want to take a hands-on approach or if you prefer to have us “do it all for you”, no problem! For example, if you want to code and input all your charges, no problem! Or, if you prefer to have us code and do the charge entry for you, no problem! Our customized approach enables us to seamlessly fit into your practice, not disrupt it.
Systems: We provide the technology and systems to simplify and streamline your workflow while speeding up billing and collections. Our on-line Practice Manager simplifies every step of the billing process from Patient Scheduling to the tedious charge capture and remittance tasks to tracking and viewing every step of the billing and remittance process. View your data and reports on a 24X 7 basis anywhere you have internet access. You can also verify patient insurance status in real time. If you prefer us to input your codes and charge information our e-Document Portal simplifies the document transfer process in a secure environment.

Stability: When you outsource your billing you are entrusting your practice’s life blood, your cash flow, with a third party. That is a lot of responsibility and faith you are entrusting to someone else. With that in mind, it is amazing how little time most practices spend determining a billing service’s stability; their ability to sustain their service to you. What happens to your cash flow if your service provider is financially unstable and goes out of business? You know the answer is not good, but it happens every week. What happens to your cash flow if your billing service experiences a disaster that wipes out their facility and all of the medical records you provided them? Unless that service has a “viable” Disaster Recovery Program, and very few do, their disaster becomes your cash flow disaster. Why take that chance with your business? Before selecting a billing service, check on their financial stability and make sure to ask about their disaster recovery plan. If they really have one, ask to see it. If they cannot present it to you, you should probably consider another billing service, like ACOM. We would be happy to show you our certified Disaster Recovery Plan and present you with information about our financial stability. With 28 years behind us, thousands of customers nationwide, an A+ rating from the BBB and a very high credit rating from D&B, you will have the peace of mind knowing that not only will you receive “over the top” service, our stability makes that service sustainable over the long term.