You take care of patients, we take care of you.


  • Express concerns about any aspect of your care without fear of retaliaa
    tion, and/or utilize the office’s own grievance procedures.
  • File a complaint with HIPPA
  • Request and receive copies of your medical information and billing inn
  • Receive considerate and respectful care
  • Receive timely and competent care
  • Verbal and physical privacy as much as is reasonably possible
  • Request a person of your own sex be present during a medical exam
  • Expect that your medical information will be protected and accessed by
    only those people who are directly involved in your case.
  • Expect reasonable safety and security while in the office
  • To ask questions
  • Receive clear and prompt answers to your healthcare questions
  • The right to refuse any and all treatments


  • Provide accurate and complete medical information about your health
  • To participate in your care and in decision making
  • To report any changes in your condition
  • Ask questions when you do not understand information given to you
  • Follow your doctors orders and instructions
  • Keep appointments, be on time and have the courtesy to call when
    unable to
  • Review your living will or Durable Power of Attorney and make sure
    there is a copy on file with all your healthcare providers
  • Be considerate of the needs and privacy of other patients
  • Provide Insurance information and pay your bill promptly